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Emigra consists of an experienced multilingual team. For over 20 years we are active on the Costa Blanca. For most developers and construction companies, we are one of the family, we have been work together for years and maintain a daily smooth cooperation. Our whole team lives on the Costa Blanca. We have chosen deliberately to settle our entire base in Spain, to have our office on the spot, because the guidance of an accessible and reliable team where you can go to when you don’t understand something, a small problem arises or you simply can not find something, that you need in Spain, not in Belgium. Our whole team lives in the region, they have not only product knowledge but know the culture, the language, the most beautiful places, where you can exercise, the best restaurants ... Do you have a question, they know the answer. Let us help you feel at home on the Costa Blanca!


What we can do for you

Buying property on the Costa Blanca is a dream for many, but certainly not a daily activity. With the help of our experienced team you can take this step with confidence. Our salespeople know the products and the region through and through and maintain a very close contact with the property developers. Our good relationship with the developers ensures smooth progress until completion of your home and if you wish, we can negotiate some changes to your home while it is under construction with the building company.

When you found your dream home

Our after sales team will guide you through the tax and legal aspects of your purchase, internally they also provide the necessary insurance and renting out of your home, the receiving of your furniture at delivery, etc. When you have a property abroad, you have need of a local office that is always accessible, so can go there at any time if you have questions or need help.

Let us help you realize your dream. Enjoy a region which alongside its fantastic climate has a lot to offer. The modern infrastructure and the easy and quick access to the Costa Blanca are only gains for your future home. Wether you buy for own use, investment or for rental income, you can always rely on our experience and know-how. The Costa Blanca with its modern new building projects really has everything to offer to the future homeowner.

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Visiting properties

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